How To Use & Convert JPEG Files: Designer’s Perspective

Are you planning to design something and want it in JPEG? Don’t worry. This article will be of great help. Tonight we have decided to publish a small guide for designers to design and publish images. The small guide covers some specific tools to design and converting your images to favorite format. Just after reading this, you can make images and earn from it.

How To Design

Start with software installation. Common software used are Corel Draw and Adobe Photoshop. Most of the designers are also using Adobe illustrator which is specifically for logo designing. Vector images are those images which are saved by software and later can be edited. After installation of software you can select a desirable file size. After putting the specific pixel height and width a new blank image will be opened with different layers. In that image you can add different types of text, other images and design them accordingly. Second way to design an image is using online tools. Canva and Picmonkey are famous for designing images including banners. Moreover you can also design infographics with the help of these tools. After designing you can do a lot with those images.

What You Can Do If You Convert xcf to jpg

You can start publishing images on your blog to get traffic. Most of people who are doing some business search for catchy images. Secondly, wallpapers are also famous. They are used to put in the background of the mobile screen and computer screen. You can bring traffic and earn from them. The second way is to give your designing services. Various freelancing portals give an opportunity to design image and sell to a buyer. People are finding designing experts to customize brochure and business cards for them. On a famous portal Fiverr, each image is sold in more than $5. However, royalty images website also give an option to designers for earning. You can make your profile and publish images. Any person interested in buying your image can give you a nominal fee and download it. Share this article with all the people who interesting in graphic designing.

Another benefit for designers are publishing tutorials. Make a tutorial for every design you are making. Simply upload it on YouTube. Write a beautiful description and tell what was the concept of making it. At the end also write that viewer will find ways to convert their files into different formats in this video. Such tactic will help you gain more views and exposures. This is one of the secret that youtubers are using. So it is also another proven benefit if you are skilled in designing and converting images into different formats.

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