Let’s Talk Technology: Facts About LED Display

Let’s Talk Technology: Facts About LED Display

LED displays are plaguing streets, billboards, businesses and so many more. They are the most popular digital prints in today’s time. What’s really awesome about these displays is the use of electricity when displaying words and pictures. Since this is now a digital era, it’s not impossible for things like LED displays to take up the spotlight. If you want to make an announcement or have an advertisement that you’d want to promote, then LED displays are for you.

The creation of a LED display is a curious project. Made with parts and coming from an advance mechanism, you wouldn’t have a guess how it was made. Here are some cool facts about it:

What is a LED?

LED basically means light-emitting diode; they do numerous jobs and is known to be the heroes of today’s technology. They are installed in devices such as watch so it has a light. They also work as a transmission for your remote control but the most awesome work they do is they when LEDs are formed, they can create digital images. The exact LED life is 100,000 hours which to break it down is 595 weeks or 11 years.

Pixels are small but terrible.

Pixels are the smallest unit found in LED displays. One LED comes with a wide range of pixels. They are put together on a single electronic device and digitally controlled through a computer chip. Once there is a digital transmission, it would send messages to its channel, the LED pixels.

The parts of a LED display.

Once a group of LED pixels is formed, it will then create a LED module. And after a LED module is structured to a specific design, it’s then called a LED cabinet. By this time, when LED cabinets are put together, it will then create the LED display.

The pitch of a LED display.

A pitch measures the resolution of a LED display. This means that the smaller the size of the pitch, the higher is the resolution of the display and vice versa. Basically, LED services provide choices for customers; whether they want their digital display to be brighter or lesser than usual.


Many LED displays’ brightness is high because it needs to run 24 hours a day; meaning, a LED display is activated even during the day. To ensure that a display is seen at peak time, LED displays must be brighter. However, there are some LED services out there that offer LED displays that can be dimmed if necessary which is an advantage, to say the least.

LED Displays are simply amazing. Who would’ve thought that by joining units together could create an amazing digital display? That goes to show that the world is simply advancing on technology.

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