Speeders Use the Same Technology to Battle Law Enforcement

Rock West Solutions is a California company that has helped devise new ways to utilize a variety of sensors and signal processing technologies for law enforcement teams. Over the years, the company has helped developed some rather unique solutions. Law enforcement has been made better as a result. Unfortunately, some of the same technologies are used by those on the other side of the law.

Speeders are a great illustration. Some the same technologies law enforcement relies on to catch speeders is being used by the speeders themselves to get around law enforcement’s efforts to slow them down. It is an endless cat and mouse game that plays out on America’s roadways.

From Radar to Lasers

Radar was first embraced by law enforcement as a speed control tool several decades ago. Back in the day, they were highly effective at identifying speeders long before they knew that police were watching. However, it was not long before technology companies started producing radar detectors. It then became a race to see which side could maintain the advantage by staying on the cutting edge.

Law enforcement still uses radar today. However, the radar of 2020 is far more sophisticated than what was being used 30 years ago. A modern radar gun is a multi-band device that gives officers more options. It is also faster and more accurate as well.

Some law enforcement agencies have gone one step further by deploying laser speed detectors instead. Lasers are even faster still, making them more difficult to thwart. However, that has not stopped the makers of detection equipment from doing what they do.

Identifying Radar and Laser Signals

Staying ahead of law enforcement is all about being able to identify radar and laser quickly and at the longest possible range. One of the latest technologies relies on signal processing to distinguish between different radar bands a police agency might be using at any given time. Similar technology makes it possible to identify, separate, and jam a variety of laser signals.

Signal processing is necessary because the open road is a noisy environment. In terms of data, both speed enforcement equipment and the detectors drivers use to thwart police rely on gathering a tremendous amount of data. But in an environment, as cluttered as the open road, making use of that data is the real trick. That is where signal processing comes into play.

Rock West’s mission is to develop signal processing hardware and software that eliminates as much noise as possible. The more effective they are at decluttering a cluttered environment, the more effective their speed enforcement solutions. Other technology companies developing detection equipment have the same goal. They want to be able to unclutter the data environment so they can home in on law enforcement radar and laser signals.

An Ongoing Struggle

In the grand scheme of things, catching speeders is less important than many of the other priorities law enforcement have to deal with. Still though, slowing down speeders is a matter of road safety. Police agencies will continue devoting whatever resources they can to keep speeders off the roads.

As such, there will be an ongoing struggle between law enforcement and speeders for the foreseeable future. As technology improves, the side that utilizes technology the best will maintain an edge. Sometimes that will be law enforcement, other times it will be those they are trying to catch.

For the record, radar and laser detectors are illegal in some states. So are technologies that jam police laser equipment. Use any such devices at your own risk.

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