Create account with applications that are permanent

Being on social media makes one feel confident in maintaining cordial relations and be in the loop and network of friends. There is nothing wrong in saying that whatsapp has dominated all platforms and stand out as the most perfect and permanent form of media that engages millions of people into it. The trend has got the aura of having phones. We hardly find people with no phone. Among the people with phones, we hardly find people with no whatsapp in it. Whatsapp has become extremely popular and it has helped people in creating their own identity. Whatsapp plus is a modified version of whatsapp for android. Whatsapp creates an account to stay connected with all your buddies.

In these days, everyone is in the race of competition to chase their lives and no one bothers or cares for the world around. Things that matter are the connections and friendships. They too sometimes do not fall in place due to paucity of time. We don’t get the patience, time and willingness to call somebody and talk to them about what and how life is going on. So whatsapp has made human lives easy in terms of relations, bonding, connections and network. It has made one get in touch with the people they want to be. All that is needed for having a whatsapp account is a simple phone number of yours. Obviously you need a smart phone that can accommodate this application. Whatsapp plus is a third party application. It cannot be downloaded from any Google play store. It has to be downloaded from APK website. The primary difference between whatsapp and whatsapp plus in terms of vision is the fact that whatsapp is in green color and whatsapp plus is in blue color. Whatsapp plus is created by a Spanish developer Mr. Rafelete in 2012. It is also called as whatsapp plus holo. Legality is still under a question mark. One thing to be surrendered is you cannot have both whatsapp and whatsapp plus at the same time. One can use only one.

The features that make whatsapp plus different from whatsapp is:-

  • New styles and visual themes are there in whatsapp plus. There are over 700 themes. This app also have changes in the bottom of the contact list and colors of the bars and text
  • The application has more number of emojis. The drawback is these emotions can only be seen when the other end user is also communicating in whatsapp plus. The flexibility is there can be a chat between a whatsapp and whatsapp plus.
  • Option of maintaining size and quality of a photo or video is there in whatsapp plus holo

Whatsapp plus is the perfect alternative for one who want more control over things like notifications and sending pictures. On the whole it is whatsapp application that creates a spirit and tone of affection and communication.

In this era where we hardly find time to spend, this is a great option to be in touch with everyone. At the end of the day it is contacts and network of our loop that matters. So whatsapp help one in having a network both on a professional and personal note.

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