Why Digital Island is Your Phone System Provider For Business

Your option for a phone system provider for business should be the Cloud PBX solution from Digital Island. No business can survive without a phone system. It serves as the primary means of communication between you and your employees. More importantly, it allows your clients to get in touch with you.

Previously, your choice was limited to the traditional phone line system. In short, landlines. This option has served its purpose well over the years. However, it can be taxing to maintain in terms of cost and repairs. Fortunately, today’s businesses have the option to choose a cloud phone system.

What is a Cloud Phone System?

As its name suggests, a cloud phone system operates on an internet connection. So, you can do without those pesky copper wires associated with landlines. Because it’s virtual, this particular phone system provider for business is the ideal choice for smaller corporations without the capacity to get a sophisticated setup. Indeed, the features of the cloud phone system are similar to those enjoyed by large corporations.

For instance, a cloud phone system offers call queues and it delivers voicemails to a recipient’s email inbox. The computer also turns into a softphone. As an added benefit, a remote worker can use their own mobile device to access their company’s phone system. Hence, making it easier to keep communication lines open among employees and with the management.

Choosing Your Cloud Phone System Provider for Business

When choosing a cloud phone system provider for business, you want a company who is reliable. Moreover, one who can provide you with a cost effective solution to help you reach your business goals. In this aspect, you’ll want to consider the services of a specialist business Telco like Digital Island.

The Digital Island Cloud UC Suite offers a number of features designed to benefit a company of various sizes and structure. It offers Telepo, an Enterprise Cloud PBX, and a Cloud Contact Center. Thus, it can greatly minimize the need for costly repairs. Moreover, it lets your staff focus on important activities to help your business grow further.

Benefits of the Digital Island Cloud UC Suite

One of the key benefits offered by the Digital Island Cloud UC Suite is its simplicity. Additional training isn’t necessary, since everyone is already familiar with how to use mobile applications and deskphones as well as softphones. Set-up is also quick since it doesn’t require physical wires.
Its scalability makes it easy to adapt it to your current business size. Eventually, it can expand to accommodate your growing business needs. The flexibility it offers allows employees to get in touch with coworkers for better collaboration.

When put together these benefits rack up serious savings for a business. It’s also less complicated so everyone can readily understand how to operate it.

Digital Island’s Guarantee

Digital Island offers a 30-Day No Risk No Cost Guarantee. If after five days, you’re not satisfied with its performance, then you simply need to request you want to discontinue their service. Hence, if you’re a small office wary of the technology the warranty gives you the confidence to try out this particular cloud phone system provider for business.

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